Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Date in Final Semester

            Study in university is very different with study at Senior High School. I think go to university have more responsibility than go to high school. Sometimes in this final semester in university, I have thinking what should I do after I finish this f*cking study, sorry I mean funny study J. Absolutely I have a plan after this final semester, but I don’t know, it will be work or not, let the God will set for that, just pray and do the best.
            Sometime I looking back again, and it feel study in university is very fast. After I pass 7 semester this 3,5 years, I get a simple conclusion. The hardest years in University is the first year and the last year. Why the first year is hard? In the first year, some new students have celebrate their happiness because accept in university that them want. But that celebrate can be very danger. Some of my friend have a celebration every day until they forget to do the main job of a student namely to study. So what will happen to student like that? The result of the study in first year is not to good, and it will be make hard in the second year. Have a remedial, study a same lesson again, and I think it’s the real f*cking sh*t. But how if you pass the first semester with good result? The second semester will be more easier, because the lesson in first year and second years is related. Sorry I said related, its happened in Geodetic Engineering, but I think all major is same. And I’m lucky because pass the first year with not to bad result (I mean a good result).
            How about the last semester? Why I think last semester is hard? If you pass the first semester with a good result, In last semester you will have many “free time”. Imagine this, in a week you don’t have a lecture, just work with your thesis. But in work with your thesis, you have plane it alone, you make the timeline alone, yes I know you have a supervisor, but the supervisor will not remind you all time. So, it will be on your choice make your time busy with thesis, or have a more free time, or have a balance with free time and doing thesis.
            I don’t know I will pass this last semester with what I planned before or not, just try to do the best. I feel lucky have a good friend in this last semester, I mean a girlfriend. She is like an angel that God sent to me, she always support me and remember me to work with my thesis. Sorry is this a love story?? I don’t know, just blow up from my mind. Maybe my second books about love, let see 5 years again. Have a date in last semester make me learn, that she coming not only to remember me doing my thesis, she is the reason why I should finish this last semester, she is the reason  why I should get a good job, after that can marry her.
            Thinking of love while doing thesis is not good, but loving the right person while doing thesis is good J. And remember a man should love a woman, not a man with a man. J

*sorry for a bad grammer

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