Friday, January 16, 2015

Why you should choose Geodesy / Geodetic Engineering / Surveying

My English not too good, but I will try to explain about the majors that I have learned today, namely Geodesy. I am a student from Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia.  Gadjah Mada University is the best university in Indonesia, but how about Geodesy? Geodesy is not very famous in Indonesia, but now it is becoming known a lot of people. Many people known geodesy as surveying. In Gadjah Mada University, geodesy is the part of Engineering Faculty. When I wrote “why you should choose Geodesy” in bahasa, there are a lot of people comment and ask me about Geodesy,its mean there are little information about Geodesy in bahasa, and because of that, I get many new friends from my blog. 
Now  I will try to give my opinion in English, why you shoul choose Geodesy.
1.      There are many jobs that need a surveyor or geodetic engineering graduates
A surveyor can work in many work place. Surveyor can work in mining company, oil and gas company, or construction company. And aslo geodetic engineering graduates can be a navigator in survey vessel. In government, geodesy can contribute in all jobs that releated to making a Maps.
2.       Graduates graduate geodetic still slightly, but job opportunities are very much.
The reason number 2 maybe more suitable to Indonesia, because there are  a few university that have  the major geodesy. How about in the wold? I don’t know many information about geodesy outside Indonesia. Maybe you know? So lets share here J
3.       Good in salary
Maybe many people fave a different view about the meaning “a good salary”, 1 milion can be very much for some one, or can be very little for someone else. But become a surveyor in oil and gas company, I think every one agree that surveyor in oil and gas company have a good salary.

I Think that 3 reason why you should choose Geodesy. So, what you learn when you choose Geodesy or surveying? In Indonesia, I learn how to measure distance and angle, how to make a map. Geodesy also learned orbit satellite, measure using Global Positioning System. I also learned hydrographic survey, Geographic Information System, Map Projection,fotogrametri, remote sensing, and many more that related to making a maps.
I think that all about my opinion for Geodesy, and how about you? What you lernd in Geodesy?

Best Regards
Made Sapta