Friday, December 18, 2015

SWATES : A Geospatial Technology To Help Fisherman in The Area of Maritime Boundaries

As we know, Indonesia is located around ten neighbor countries namely India, Thailand, Philiphina, Singapore, Malaysia, Palau, Timor Leste, Australia, Vietnam, and  Papua Nugini. In the United Nations Convention On  The Law of The Sea (UNCLOSS), explaine that Indonesia should determine the maritime boundaries with that ten neighbor countries.
Nowadays Indonesia unfinished to determine the maritime boundaries with all of neighbor countries. There are many cases of violation of maritime boundaries between Indonesia with the neighbor countries. One of them is boundary violations committed by fishermen. The problem is the fisherman don’t know where is the maritime boundary is located. From that situation, I try to make a technology that can help fisherman to understand where is the located of the maritime boundaries.
The idea is make an equipment that can tell the position of the maritime boundary. The main component of that technology are an alarm and GPS. So, the alarm will sound when passing through the maritime boundary, then the fisherman must turn around and don’t pass the boundary. The technology can understand where is the boundary using the GPS and the coordinate of the maritime boundary. Alarm and GPS can integrated in one system using Adruino and C program languge. The technology I named SWATES.

SWATES is dedicated to the fisherman in Indonesia. I hope there are no more fishermen who encroachment mairitme boundaries.

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