Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Becoming a Geospatial Blogger

I started becoming a blogger in 2012, when i am in first year in university. I make a blog because I realize that what I am learned in University not so famous to other people. I am study geodesi in University. In Indonesia, maybe Geodesy not known like a doctor. So I decided to write what I learned in Geodesy, and share it via blog. Becoming a blogger is very fun, I can get many new friends because I wrote Geodesy. When many students want to join Geodesy, sometime they ask me everything about Geodesy, and its so fun to explain what I know about Geodesy.
One day, there are public lecture about how to becoming a Geospatial blogger. I am very interest about becoming a Geospatial blogger. When you become a normal blogger, just answer the question “What, Why,Who, Where,When, and How” in your article that you post in your blog. But if you become a Geospatial Blogger, lets answer the question “where” with a Map in your article . And how to make the Map and share it in your Blog? It simple, you can make by Google Maps, and embed in your Blog. Sometime I do it when I post an article in my blog. One of the Map I have share is a Radius Maps of Volcano, when Kelud Mountain have erupted in my country, I make a Radius Maps. The center of the radius is  in the middle of Kelud Mountain. So lets see the maps that I have made:

So simple to becoming a geospastial Blogger. Are you a geospatial blogger too?


  1. semangat nge-blog MasBro :D
    semangat menyampaikan informasi mengenai keilmuan masing2 :D
    salam jumpa di dunia per-blog-an :D


    1. Terimakasih sudah berkunjung Mas Zakariya, salam blogger. :)